Employee Information

Employees may always file a complaint with AAEO: Make a Report.
Employees making complaints of prohibited discrimination will be protected from retaliation and will be afforded certain protections, as outlined on the discrimination complaints and procedures page.

For more information regarding resources for employees who may have experienced sexual discrimination, harassment or violence, or to file a complaint please contact or visit:

Non-confidential Resources

Title IX Coordinator
Phone: (541) 346-8136

University of Oregon Police Department
Phone: (541) 346-2919 or 9-1-1.

Confidential Resources

Employee Assistance Program
Hotline: (800) 433-2320

University Ombuds Office
Office:  541-346-6400  (M-F 8-5)
Location: 1685 E. 17th Street

Grievance Procedures

Prohibited discrimination grievance procedures by employee group are located at:

For complaints alleging that a student has engaged in prohibited discrimination, please refer to the Student Information webpage.

To make an anonymous complaint regarding any form of sexual violence, please visit the UO Police Department website to submit an anonymous report.

Any campus community member (student, employee or otherwise) that has a question regarding the above complaint and/or grievance procedures is strongly encouraged to contact the AAEO office for more information about the process and their options.