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The Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity is responsible for working with all members of the University of Oregon community to ensure that the university is meeting the letter and spirit of its legal obligations related to affirmative action, equal opportunity and nondiscrimination, and to support the university's commitment to diversity.

Sexual Discrimination, Harassment and Violence


If you would like more information regarding resources for students who may have experienced sexual discrimination, harassment or violence including a complete listing of confidential resources both on and off-campus please visit http://safe.uoregon.edu/services or for assistance contact:

Prohibited discrimination grievance and/or complaint procedures are located at:

  • For student, employee or campus community member complaints alleging that a student has engaged in sexual discrimination, harassment or sexual violence, please visit: 
    Student Sexual Misconduct page
  • For student, employee or campus community member complaints alleging that a student has engaged in any other form of prohibited discrimination, please visit:
    Student Code of Conduct
  • For student complaints alleging that an employee has engaged in prohibited discrimination, please visit
    UO Discrimination Policy


If you would like more information regarding resources for employees who may have experienced sexual discrimination, harassment or violence or to file a complaint please contact or visit:

To make an anonymous complaint, please visit police.uoregon.edu/anonymous-sexual-assault-report.

Any campus community member (student, employee or otherwise) that has a question regarding the above complaint and/or grievance procedures is strongly encouraged to contact the resources listed above to obtain more information about the process and his or her options.

Prohibited Discrimination and Harassment

The University of Oregon affirms and actively promotes the right of all individuals to equal opportunity in education and employment at this institution without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, age, religion, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or any other extraneous consideration not directly and substantively related to effective performance. As a federal contractor, the University of Oregon is committed to affirmative action in employment as a means of ensuring equality of opportunity.

Students and employees who feel they have encountered any form of discrimination or harassment may inquire at the Office of Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity for information on their rights, options, and resources.

The Office of Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity has information on grievance procedures and referrals including timelines associated with applicable collective bargaining agreements.

Confidentiality for all parties is respected to the extent possible. Employees should be aware that AAEO is tasked with ensuring compliance with this policy and state and federal law. Therefore, while AAEO will work with employees, students and campus community members to ensure that they understand their complaint options, are protected from retaliation and are provided with interim measures as appropriate, AAEO employees are not advocates for individuals participating in the process.

Prohibited discrimination includes sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, gender-based harassment and bullying and stalking as described in the Prohibited Discrimination Definitions.

Reporting Obligations of Employees

Consistent with its commitment to provide a safe environment for students, faculty and staff, University policy requires that employees (except confidential or otherwise exempt employees)who have credible evidence that prohibited discrimination is occurring have a duty to report that information to their supervisor or to the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, or (in cases of discrimination or harassment on the basis of sex or gender) to the Title IX Coordinator or the Office of Crisis Intervention and Sexual Violence Support Services. 

For more information regarding employees designated as confidential or otherwise exempted from reporting, and university employee required reporting obligations, including those related to the reporting of sexual harassment, sexual violence and child abuse, please see http://prevention.uoregon.edu/resources.

For information relating to Campus Security Authority reporting obligations under the Campus Clery Act, please see http://police.uoregon.edu/content/campus-security-authorities.

In an effort to ensure that employees understand their duty to report, the University requires that all full- and part-time employees, including Graduate Teaching Fellows, complete an online training on Workplace Harassment Prevention. Questions about the training can be directed to the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity at 541-346-2971 or to mandatorytraining@uoregon.edu (link sends e-mail).

Visit the tabs above and the resource links below for more information on how our office may assist you as a member of the university community.