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Consolidation Announcement:

Ensuring the University of Oregon has an inclusive and welcoming campus for students, staff, faculty and the community is a top institutional priority. We must continuously look for ways to strengthen and enhance efforts to address and reduce incidents of discrimination and harassment. To further these efforts, the UO is consolidating its Title IX and Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity offices under a newly formed Office of Civil Rights Compliance. We believe this new structure will continue to improve our investigation and response functions, and ultimately better serve our university community.

Efforts are underway to update the AAEO website so it reflects this important organizational change. Please know that the content and contact information provided on this website remains current and accurate as we transition to the Office of Civil Rights Compliance.

For people involved as a complainant or respondent in an outstanding case with either the AAEO or Title IX office, those cases will continue without interruption.


The University of Oregon is committed to diversity and inclusion and providing an environment free of discrimination and harassment in which all students, staff and faculty may contribute and thrive. 

“The university’s leadership team stands united in our resolve to do whatever we can to enable every member of our community to flourish and contribute.  I also want to make absolutely clear that we condemn any threat or effort to intimidate anyone at the university.  We are a community of scholars.  Efforts to divide us based upon the color of our skin, our nationality, our immigration status, our abilities, our diversity of thought, our gender, or our sexual orientation must be called out and stopped.”

-President Michael Schill

What We Do

The Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance (OICRC), formerly known as the Office of Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity, offers the UO community a place to discuss and report issues, concerns and conflicts regarding discriminatory or harassing behavior. OICRC also helps identify how such concerns and conflicts may best be addressed and resolved.  The office supports the university’s compliance with federal and state laws regarding discrimination and harassment, affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.

OICRC works with students, staff, faculty, and campus community members by:

  • Promoting a learning and working environment free from discrimination and harassment.
  • Receiving concerns and complaints from any member of the UO community (students, staff, faculty, visitors and program participants) regarding issues of potential discrimination and discriminatory harassment at the university. In this investigative role, AAEO does not act as an advocate for employees, students or community members going through its process, but rather, serves a neutral, impartial function.
  • Addressing and resolving concerns and complaints of discrimination and harassment through a variety of means including facilitated conversations and mediations, education and training, and investigations.
  • Explaining and clarifying university policies and procedures, and federal and state laws and regulations regarding discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and affirmative action.
  • Supporting diversity in recruitment and hiring by assisting administrative and academic departments in meeting these goals and adhering to Affirmative Action guidelines.
Our Commitment:

Providing Equal Access and a University Environment Free of Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment

The university is committed to equal access to programs, course offerings, facilities, admission and employment for all of its employees, students and campus community members.  It is the policy of the university to maintain an environment free of harassment and discrimination against any person because of: age, race, color, ancestry, national or ethnic origin, religion, gender, disability, service in the uniformed services (as defined in state and federal law), the use of leave protected by state or federal law, veteran status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, perceived gender, marital or family status, pregnancy-related conditions, or genetic information.

Discriminatory harassment, including sexual harassment is disruptive of workplace and campus life, and may result in the denial of equal opportunity to a student, employee or campus community member.  Discrimination prohibited by state and federal law, discriminatory harassment, including sexual harassment, and retaliation impede the realization of the university’s educational mission and will not be tolerated at the University of Oregon.

Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance
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