Raise a Concern

The University of Oregon is committed to creating, promoting and sustaining an environment that reflects its values of diversity and inclusion where each member of the university community is afforded the opportunity to pursue their professional and educational goals in an environment free from discrimination and harassment. AAEO is an integral partner in the university’s efforts to increase diversity among its workforce and to create a fair, just and equitable environment for all members of the University of Oregon community, our guests and visitors.

We Care. Students, Faculty, Staff and Other Members of the UO Community can get help from AAEO.

The university encourages all members of the UO community to contact the AAEO office to discuss concerns or make a report of discrimination, harassment or retaliation. 

Gender-based discrimination including sexual harassment,
sexual assault and sexual violence

AAEO and the Title IX Coordinator work collaboratively to ensure reports of gender-based discrimination including sexual harassment, sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, gender-based bullying and sexual violence are addressed. 

All members of the UO community are encouraged to report gender-based discrimination including sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual violence to the Title IX Coordinator or to AAEO.

All other forms of prohibited discrimination and harassment

All members of the UO community are encouraged to report all other forms of discrimination and harassment to the AAEO office.

You may also speak confidentially with the following resources:

Use Us as a Resource

In addition to helping individuals and departments resolve issues and concerns, we also are available as a resource to answer questions and provide feedback, guidance and advice regarding prohibited discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and workplace accommodations. 

When You Contact Us You Receive Information and Assistance

When you contact us, you will be provided with information and assistance in accessing available campus and community resources that may be of help to you.  We will work with your schedule to arrange a time to meet with you by phone or in person to learn more about your concern and about your experience, explain university policies and procedures, and talk with you about the options that are available to you to address your concerns.

The AAEO office can talk with you about your right to file a police report and, if you are an employee, how to file a Bureau of Labor and Industry (BOLI) or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) report. 

Your Information and What You Share with AAEO

The AAEO makes every attempt to appropriately safeguard information. For more information regarding AAEO confidentiality practices, please contact the AAEO.  It is important that all persons understand that the AAEO is not a confidential resource and that in some instances, it will need to follow up on concerns reported to the office even if the reporting party does not want to move forward.  If you have questions regarding the process, please contact AAEO. You may also speak confidentially with the confidential resources listed above.